Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is a viable option for those experiencing deformities or malalignments that can cause significant stress on their body’s joints. By addressing these issues through surgical intervention, individuals can restore balance and alleviate the burden on their joints, improving overall mobility and reducing pain.

Metatarsalgia, a complex forefoot condition, can be caused by various factors such as tight Achilles, cavus in the midfoot, or even anatomical and physiological issues. Understanding the intricacies of this condition is crucial in finding effective treatment options. One common symptom experienced by individuals with metatarsalgia is pain localised underneath the toes, which can significantly impact daily activities and overall foot health.

Foot issues also encompass heel ailments like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, causing discomfort on the underside of the heel. Normally, excessive use injuries to the foot irritate the connective tissue connecting the heel bone and the toe base. Plantar fasciitis can be effectively addressed through the use of splints, medication, injections, orthotics, and alterations in physical activity.

Fractures have the potential to impact different areas of the foot in various ways. These can include repetitive stress from activities like running, instances where something is dropped on the foot, or impacts to the top arch of the foot resulting in a Lisfranc injury. Additionally, fractures can occur due to forefoot injuries on the outer part of the foot, stumbling on stairs, or when a twisted tendon pulls away a section of the bone.Fractures of the tarsal bone, such as calcaneus fractures, can occur due to high-energy falls from heights. Although these types of fractures are considered to be very rare, they can still pose a significant risk to individuals involved in such accidents.

The Achilles tendon is a common source of foot discomfort, with pain radiating from the back of the leg to the heel bone. This discomfort arises from inflammation in the body’s largest tendon, the Achilles tendon, which occurs when it is strained or torn. Achilles tendinitis can be caused by overuse, strain on the calf muscles, bone spurs, or degenerative conditions. In more severe instances, a sudden popping sound and sensation may be experienced if the tendon ruptures.

Flat feet occur when there is a lack of adequate support from the soft tissues. It is important to address painful or progressive flat feet through proper assessment, as ignoring them can lead to the worsening of deformity and dysfunction. While some individuals with flat feet may not experience any pain, others may suffer from discomfort in their lower back and struggle with activities such as climbing stairs, walking, or standing for long periods of time.